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Time to gear up.

It’s easy to get star struck by awesome outdoor equipment, but don’t forget to pick up any tools or accessories you might need while you’re here. One of the benefits of professional outdoor equipment are the many attachments and accessories available. Which means you can turn an already great piece of equipment into a multifunctional machine. It’s also important to consider proper handling, maintenance and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) requirements when buying outdoor equipment.

As part of our commitment to your outdoor equipment, Arn’s Equipment: 

  • offers product demos.
  • provides basic handling and maintenance training.
  • carries a range of certified safety equipment and attachments, ready for purchase.

Safety Equipment

Always following proper procedure when operating heavy machinery can eliminate the majority of the risk. The next step is to be prepared for negative scenarios by wearing the correct gear. For instance, even though outdoor equipment manufacturers have made great strides reducing the noise of their chainsaws, you should still wear ear protection. In addition, face shields can protect your eyes and face from rogue debris. The effects of sawdust exposure to your eyes should not be underestimated! At Arn’s Equipment, we sell safety equipment separately and in convenient kits. 


Ice melt, salt or fertilizer, Arn’s Equipment has the spreader you need to evenly cover any surface. These spreaders feature adjustable handles, to meet the ideal height of the user, and debris filters, to keep your spreader from getting clogged over time. If you’re prioritizing storage space or if you have a large area to get through, take a look at our inventory of push and tow spreaders for big and small jobs. 

Ask Our Staff

Not sure if you need extras? Feel free to chat with our knowledgeable staff. We’ll let you know if your specific job requires any additional tools. You can contact us by phone or e-mail or, better yet, pay us a visit at our showroom.